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Free standard shipping worldwide on orders over $35

About us




We’re Yulia and Denis — the proud founders of Nordyo.

 For years we have lived in the beautiful little corner of Russia known as Belkino. It sits at the heart of the Kaluga Region, and offers beautiful natural sights for as far as the eye can see. We’ve always loved it here, and we wanted to create something with our hands that we could show the rest of the world. With that spark of inspiration, Nordyo was born…

 We had a passion for textiles and fabrics, and spent many years developing our skills. When we combined the two, we were able to create the finest monogrammed handkerchiefs and wedding handkerchiefs with ease. Our secret is the way we combine the finest fabrics with handmade skill and a passion for everything we do. We love our customers, we love what we create, and we hope you will love it too.

 Working with our hands has always been important, so we make everything right here in our little studio. Whether you want the perfect men’s gift for Father’s Day, a wedding gift to celebrate the big day, or just a personalized handkerchief you’re proud to call your own, we’ll make it happen.

 Everything is made using our unique stonewashed linen for a luxuriously soft and eco-friendly feel you won’t find anywhere else. We cut the fabric with care, sew everything by hand, and once we have it just right, we finish with personalized embroidery to create something special no one else has.


Perfect when nothing but the best will do…