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The Artistry of Monogrammed Handkerchief Gifts

August 21, 2019

The Artistry of Monogrammed Handkerchief Gifts

  In a world where men's accessory choices sometimes come down to what ball cap to wear or if you should put on a watch in the morning, you may yearn for a touch of true style and elegance. The smallest touches make a big difference when it comes to what a man chooses to wear or carry in his pocket, and a monogrammed handkerchief represents one of the best options of all.

 Handkerchiefs are not just about fashion, however. Their popularity is returning quickly because of their practicality and eco-friendly use characteristics, too. Paper tissues cause so much waste. An all-natural linen handkerchief can last for years to come.

 A perfectly embroidered monogram just makes everything so much better. In the end, a handkerchief is just a square of soft fabric that usually stays tucked in your pocket. Adding your initials, or those of the person you want to give this type of fashionable and useful gift to, at a considerable degree of artistry.


What Is a Monogram?

 Monograms are stylized depictions of a person's initials. You can use just one, which is usually the first letter of your last name, two, for your first and last names, or three if you have a middle initial as well. They exist for more than just identifying who owns the handkerchief. Monograms have been used for centuries to impart a sense of gravitas and identity to men's fashion accessories.

 First used in ancient Greece and Rome, these identifying marks transcend usefulness into complete artistry and creative style. A monogram allows you to show off who you are and what you like.                                                         

Styles of Embroidered Monograms to Choose From

 The Nordyo linen handkerchiefs are available for purchase with your favorite style of embroidered monogram. Just like you have a choice of classic and fun linen colors, you can also choose from an even wider variety of thread colors. Another choice to make is what font you want the letters embroidered in.

 Options include:


  • Clarendon - a masculine serif font
  • Maison Vintage - a stylish script with solid and dashed lines
  • Palace Script - smooth and elegant cursive lettering
  • Constantina -- a modern script with thick lines
  • King Street Classic -- flowing stylized script
  • Reynold's Classic -- a tall serif font with a dot motif

 With all the options available to you, you have the ability to create your own custom handkerchief style with an embroidered monogram on soft yet durable stone-washed linen.

 Always Follow Your Own Unique Style

 Even with something as simple as a pocket handkerchief, the colors, typefaces, and designs you choose should help augment your personal sense of style. When you make the decision to use a handkerchief, you have one more choice to make when you put yourself together in the morning. With expertly embroidered monogrammed handkerchiefs, you can transcend caps and watches and reach for something unique and special.

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