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Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs for Every Man

August 17, 2019

Personalized Wedding Handkerchiefs for Every Man

 Tradition dictates in many cultures that a man who is getting married give a special gift to every one of his groomsmen, ushers, and male relatives on the day of his wedding. Although many options exist, one of the best choices you can make is offering wedding handkerchief gifts to the men who stand up for you on your special day.

 What makes a handkerchief such a wonderful personalized men's gift? Although these pocket squares have fallen out of fashion in the past, more man who practice and environmentally conscious lifestyle have adopted their use once again. After all, paper tissues and similar disposable products waste an awful lot of resources. Instead, and all-natural linen handkerchief provides the opportunity for ongoing use.

 The Nordyo embroidered handkerchief products keep ecological conservation in mind in a variety of ways. Besides using 100% OEKO TEX 100 certified linen, which comes from a natural plant, the processing and manufacturing of the handkerchiefs uses safe enzymes, too. Every piece of linen is stonewashed in a four step process using only the best and purest enzymes created in Germany. This gives every wedding handkerchiefs a luxurious and soft feel that men will love.

 Why a Wedding Handkerchief Makes a Great Gift

 Wedding ceremony and fancy perception brings out the best in every person. Of course, the groom is dressed in a handsome tuxedo or suit as he waits for his beautiful bride at the front of the room. His best man and groomsmen wear similar outfits that make them look stylish and elegant. The last thing you want to accessorize their formal attire is a paper tissue sticking out of the pocket. Instead, wedding handkerchief options gives them the surety they need in case of sniffles during the ceremony while maintaining proper sense of decorum and style.

 It is traditional to give personalized gifts to the wedding party. Some opt for engraved paperweights or silly presents like golf balls. Choosing a monogrammed handkerchief instead at sense of old-fashioned charm and propriety to the day. Many other types of groomsman gifts come with potential problems.

 For example, if you get shot glasses or barware, you may offend a friend who does not drink. A family member who lives in an apartment and does not like to cook will have no use for a barbecue tool. Ties may never get used if the man works outside a corporate office. While things like shaving kits, toiletry cases, and fine leather wallets may get used, but they are quite expensive. If you have a large wedding party or a smaller budget, they may become overwhelming quite quickly. An embroidered handkerchief solves all the problems of affordability, practicality, and demonstration of your true appreciation and friendship.

 Better still, with Nordyo's exceptional embroidery options, every man can have its own unique handkerchief of his very own. We do not only offer monograms with one, two, or three initials. We also offer specialized embroidery with couples' monograms, wedding dates, and even romantic hearts to commemorate the special location. If you also want to give a personalized handkerchief to the father or mother of either the bride or the groom, you may get Mom or Dad stitched onto the linen.

 The Benefits of Linen Embroidered Handkerchiefs

 The last thing you want to do when it comes to handing out personalized men's gifts to your friends and family members is to opt for cheap synthetic fabric. Instead of getting plain polyester or some thin and scratchy cotton, try out our specialty linen handkerchiefs. It is sturdier, completely washable, longer lasting, and classier than other options.

 When it comes time to giving something special to the men you appreciate the most in all the world, opt for truly great gifts. The added personalization makes for a memorable wedding gift experience, too. To learn more about all the fabric and thread color options and monogram styles, shop our website or Etsy store today.





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