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Choose Linen for Fine Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

August 13, 2019

Choose Linen for Fine Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

Elegant men who care about the finer things in life can appreciate the gift of a monogrammed handkerchief for a wedding, birthday, or any day. Although not very many people use handkerchiefs on a regular basis anymore, to remain one of the more popular gifts for men with a sense of style. What makes the Nordyo product so unique is their specialty linen fabric and handcrafted style.

 Why Choose Linen Handkerchiefs?

 With the interest in environmentally conscious materials these days, 100% natural linen makes a lot of sense for an eco-conscious man. All of the premium fabric we use is OEKO TEX 100 certified. That way you know you get the very best. This linen is strong, durable, attractive, and easy to launder. 

Other embroidered handkerchief options are fashioned from playing cotton or even synthetic fibers like polyester. These do not give the same feel and comfort as our pure linen does. After all, if you plan to use yours on a regular basis for its intended purpose, you want something soft and smooth against your skin.

 Not only does linen provide this feeling, you get an extra dose of comfort with our four stage stonewashing process. Maintaining our dedication to using green products, the material processing involves only ecologically friendly enzymes manufactured in Germany. You can rest assured that no harsh chemicals are used in the process. In the end, you get an exceptionally soft and smooth linen handkerchief to use. 

Unique Finishing Technique Adds Softness

 This stonewashing technique with unique enzymes transforms the classic linen into something entirely new. You get the durability of the natural fiber with the softness of silk. We offer these personalized men's gifts in white, oatmeal, pearl gray, charcoal gray, dusty rose, burnt orange, and navy blue.

 Of course, a handkerchief is much more environmentally conscious than paper tissues. You can throw these in your washing machine to clean them up after use and reuse them again and again with no problems. This is a smart option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint on the world.

 How to Care For This Fine Linen

 Contrary to popular belief, linen is not difficult to care for. It is one of the oldest and most often used textiles in the world. All you need to do to launder your handkerchief after use is to add it to a gentle wash cycle with lukewarm water. You can use regular detergent and a mild fabric softener if you wish. However, the stonewashing preparation for the Nordyo linen handkerchiefs already creates a very soft feel. Air dry or use a low setting on your machine dryer. You can iron them if you wish, but this is not required.

 Share the Elegance of Monogrammed Handkerchiefs

 Although any day is a great time to use a fine linen handkerchief, these personalized keepsakes also make excellent gifts for special occasions. Because they come with your choice of a monogram or a short embroidered word or icon, you have the opportunity to customize the product to some degree. For example, if you choose a wedding handkerchief, you can have the initials of the happy couple stitched above a small red heart. Other options include Mom or Dad, the date, or even a combination of options. 

Personalized handkerchiefs make excellent wedding gifts for not only the groom but his entire party of ushers and groomsmen. You may also like to give one of these excellent gifts to the fathers of the couple, grandfathers, or anyone else who would appreciate a fine linen handkerchief. They also make great presents for women, although handkerchiefs are traditionally personalized men's gifts.

 Your Choice of Monogram or Embroidery Styles

 The fine linen fabric use to create our personalized handkerchief products sets off the perfect embroidery quite well. Whether you choose your first, middle, and last initials in a monogram or opt for a unique inclusion such as a wedding date or heart, the stitching will look perfect and meet with no stray threads or unattractive discrepancies in the craftsmanship.

 You have considerable customization options available for the monogram or other words, too. Choose from one, two, or three letter monograms. Also, you can select from a wide variety of thread colors such as white, gray, pale or dark blue, red, dark brown, or green. There are 16 thread options to choose from in all. Besides monogram length and color, we also offer a selection of different fonts to suit your unique style. You can select a very classic Clarendon with serifs and block lettering, highly elegant Maison Vintage script, flowing Palace script, classic Reynolds font, and several others.

With such a wide variety of options, colors, and monogram styles, you can find the perfect personalized men's gift for everyone on your list. The 100% linen fabric carefully softened with the proprietary stonewashing system brings you even more comfort every time you use it. Elegant men who prefer eco-conscious handkerchiefs will appreciate the quality and attention to detail in the Nordyo line.



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